Providing a Benefit

Recycling food waste can provide significant business savings and positive environmental impacts:


Food Collections services are an efficient way of dealing with wastes from cafeterias, kitchens and food processing facilities. Benefits for businesses and the environment include:


  • Reducing waste and recycling management costs by avoiding landfill rates.
  • Diverting organic waste removes weight, odour and potential liquids from the general waste stream which can reduce waste removal fees and other handling requirements.
  • Having a comprehensive recycling program improves the business’s public image.


  • Decrease the emission of greenhouse gases from the anaerobic (without air) decomposition of large amounts of organic material sent to landfill.
  • Stop toxic leachates from the organic waste that are filtered into our water table.
  • Food waste is a valuable source of nutrients when composted. This gives life back to Australia’s depleted soils by “closing the loop” through the addition of soil improvers.

 Soilco has a variety of bin sizes available, and with bin collection comparing favourably to other waste charges, businesses will find it advantageous to implement food recycling programs.


By using Soilco to manage food organic wastes customers can be assured of flexible, efficient and cost effective services. High quality end use products meeting Australian and industry standards can re-enter the market, effectively closing the loop. This will assist our environment by reducing the carbon footprint, leading to a more sustainable future.